A total of 150 million kw of new coal power generation

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A total of 150 million kw of new coal power generation

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Officials and workers sent to aid region’s development Authentic Dallas Stars Jersey , boost unity
In order to develop Tibet and keep it tightly linked with the rest of China, the central government launched a program in the 1980s to send officials and workers to the region. Locals benefited from the knowledge these outsiders brought, but some argued that the officials' terms are too short for them to have a great impact and that they sometimes provide things which locals do not need.

A Tibetan woman carrying her child. Photo: IC

When official Li Xiaonan told the residents of a Tibetan village about his plans to install running water, they were vehemently opposed.

"The water might overflow and flood my home while I'm out herding sheep," one villager told him. Instead of gambling on change, they would rather fetch water the traditional way Authentic Columbus Blue Jackets Jersey , by filling containers at the river around a mile from their homes.

However, in addition to the inconvenience, the river's water contained bugs and was tainted with traces of cattle feces.

It took Li a great deal of talking to convince villagers that the water from the faucets he wanted to install would be safer. He had to go from door to door, trying to convince every single resident to accept the project. But once some households made the leap and installed faucets, others began to see that it was a good idea - especially during the region's harsh winters - and followed suit.

Li's experience is fairly typical among the people sent to work in the Tibet Autonomous Region from other parts of the country over the years. Since the 1980s, the government has sent officials and ordinary workers to the region Authentic Colorado Avalanche Jersey , to aid economic development and maintain ethnic unity.

An aid worker from Heilongjiang Province is offered tea by a Tibetan farmer. Photo: IC

Serve the people

Li works at the State Assets Administration Committee of the State Council. He has been in Tibet for three years, and was initially assigned to the post to help State-owned companies in the region to modernize their structure and operations.

But during his stay in Lhasa, he had the idea of going to the countryside to see how rural Tibetans live their lives, so he asked to be reassigned to a village for six months.

The system of sending officials to Tibet began in 1984 after the second meeting of the central government to discuss work related to Tibet.

During that meeting, the central government reviewed Tibet's general situation and decided that workers from the country's richer eastern regions should be sent there to lead fishery, electrification and construction projects.

In 1995 the system expanded to include officials who would be sent to Tibet for a few years.

After more than 20 years of this system in operation Authentic Chicago Blackhawks Jersey , a total of 17 provinces, 60 central government departments and 17 State-owned enterprises have sent more than 6,000 officials to Tibet and parts of adjacent Sichuan Province with significant ethnic Tibetan populations.

The seventh group of assigned workers just finished their terms in June and the eighth were sent in August.

The goal of this system is to enhance both Tibet's economic and cultural connections with the rest of the country, in order to develop the region. The officials chosen for this role have to act as the face of the government, emphasizing the benefits of development it can offer.

In reality, during their terms Authentic Carolina Hurricanes Jersey , most officials struggle to fulfill any ambitious plans they may have made in the face of the low general skill level in their assignment area and difficulties beyond their imagination.

When Beijing middle school teacher Zhang Dali came to Lhasa in 2014, he found himself dealing with teachers who hadn't received much training and a school whose students hadn't chosen to be there, but had ended up there after not making it into other, better institutions.

In Tibet, many locals' first choice for their children's education is sending them to special classes for Tibetans in other provinces' schools. If a child passes the entrance test and makes it into one of these classes, the family will feel honored and proud.

Their second choice would be one of Tibet's more prestigious schools. Lhasa No.2 Middle School Authentic Calgary Flames Jersey , where Zhang was assigned, is not regarded as a prestigious school.

On top of that, Zhang found that compared with Beijing, Lhasa lags behind in both teaching methods and resources.

"In this region, teachers can apply to retire early because of health issues. It's easy to develop illnesses due to the high altitude. So some teachers retire as early as 50, which is the age they have the most experience. In Beijing Authentic Buffalo Sabres Jersey , we consider that the golden age to teach," Zhang said.

While at the school, Zhang tried to spread his knowledge of advanced teaching methods. He boosted teachers' training, hired experts to help them and organized seminars for teachers to discuss their work.

"We are happy to see some changes in Tibet at least. In the old days, it used to be the teachers going around hunting down students from their homes to come to school, but now the parents are consciously making their children get a good education Authentic Boston Bruins Jersey , that's encouraging," he said. He said helping the children to obtain an education is the first step to turning them away from separatist propaganda.

During his term, Li took 12 villagers to Beijing and Tianjin to see China's richest regions.

"Many of them had never even been outside the village in their entire lives, they had never taken an elevator, ridden an airplane or stayed in a hotel before," he said.

So he took them to see Tianjin harbor Authentic Arizona Coyotes Jersey , the Great Wall and the Bird's Nest stadium, hoping that the trip would expand their minds and encourage them to be more ambitious about their children's future.

A worker surnamed Wang assigned to Lhasa works in his T. Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys Online Baseball Jerseys Online Hockey Jerseys China Football Jerseys China Football Jerseys China College Football Jerseys Wholesale Custom Jerseys From China Basketball Jerseys Cheap Authentic Jerseys Wholesale
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Re: A total of 150 million kw of new coal power generation

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Re: A total of 150 million kw of new coal power generation

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Re: A total of 150 million kw of new coal power generation

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