building code permits will increase

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building code permits will increase

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fertilizer than plants inside the ground. Select the right spot. Remember, roses like full sun and good air circulation. Given that pots have the advantage of mobility, you can move the pot around to find just the right location. Think vertical. Place a rose bush in the center in the container and surround with "filler" and "spiller" plants at the base. The rose plant
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draws the eye upwards and adds height to the space, whilst the fillers and spillers cover the base and accentuate the container. Group plants strategically. Choose plants with the same sunlight and watering requirements as roses. Shallow-rooted fillers do ideal as they will not compete with the deeper rose roots. Try annuals such as sweet alyssum or
lobelia, or consider smaller creeping herbs for instance thyme or ornamental oregano. Don't forget the foliage. Mix colorful plants with individuals in various shades of green to create a more intensified, three-dimensional effect. Smaller, variegated ivy hybrids appear great and will spill out through sides on the container as they grow. Consider "pot-
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