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Business > Marketing > Marketing ResearchTop 5 Methods of Qualitative Research
Posted by thomascarol in Business on April 14th Stephen Curry Warriors Jersey , 2016

Qualitative research is an effective tool for companies to understand why people behave in certain ways. This not only helps the organization to analyze their employees but also measure their consumers' behaviors and attitudes. This type of research is used to gain insight into people's activities, performances, attitudes, motivations, aspirations and lifestyle choices. This analysis helps a firm to obtain the best marketing models Klay Thompson Warriors Jersey , product development, and other important business queries.

With the help of unstructured information like interview transcripts, surveys, emails, notes Draymond Green Kids Jersey , feedback forms, photos and videos, Qualitative research enables a firm to obtain a descriptive result. This helps a company to determine the needs and requirements of its potential consumers. Let’s have a look at the five important methods of Qualitative Research:


Ethnographic research is one of the most popular methods of Qualitative research. Known as the study of people and cultures, it is systematically made to discover cultural phenomena where the investigator notices society from the perception of the subject. With its roots in cultural Anthropology, Ethnography helps the researcher to understand the beliefs Nick Young Kids Jersey , challenges and motivations of a society.


Narrative method blends a sequence of events from one or two individuals to prepare a complete story. It is usually done through in-depth interviews and surveys. One needs to read documents, look for themes and do analysis to sequence the story in chronological order. This might take days, weeks, months or even years.


Phenomenological method is the most effective method of describing an event, activity Kevin Durant Kids Jersey , or phenomenon. A researcher uses a various methods together, which includes conducting interviews, studying documents, watching videos or visiting places and events, to understand the meaning placed by participants.

Grounded Theory

The aim of Grounded theory is to provide an explanation or clarification behind certain events. The investigator interviews participants to build a theory based on the data. This method of Qualitative Research can facilitate a better understanding on how a community performs a certain task.

Case Study

A Case Study can be defined as a published report about an organization Stephen Curry Kids Jersey , entity or an event which has been studied over time. Case Studies can help you to know about a person, group or situation. Being descriptive and exploratory, they include a deep analysis through multiple types of data sources.

In The End

Qualitative Research is an important Business strategy. It is a powerful market research tool which can go far beyond statistical evidence to introduce new ideas and opportunities while revealing potential issues.

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