Sam Pittman denies ditching his players, as Bielema claims

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Sam Pittman denies ditching his players, as Bielema claims

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Georgia new offensive line coach Sam Pittman has come out and denied Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema claims that the assistant coach attempted to run away before addressing his players During Saturday post-practice interview, the Razorback coach took issue with how Pittman handled his exit from Fayetteville Micahh Smith Jersey.Without a doubt, the Bulldogs have hired one of, if not the best, offensive line coach and recruiter in the nation in Pittman. After rebuilding Tennessee offensive line under Derek Dooley and sending a handful of linemen to the NFL, Pittman has been instrumental in creating one of the SEC best offensive lines at Arkansas.Pittman has taken issue with Bielema suggesting he ran out on his players.Article continues below ...Where the truth lies is likely to remain unknown, however the Arkansas coach clearly feels he has been wronged.I had a meeting set for 1030am today to talk to my guys. They came to see me last night at home never said I wouldnt meet them not true Coach Sam Pittman December 13, 2015 kind of always made the comment that, ou don have to worry about me going You can set the buyout wherever you want it,Bielema said. just believed it, and obviously it didn come true.
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Re: Sam Pittman denies ditching his players, as Bielema clai

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