View range and stasis range

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View range and stasis range

Příspěvekod djamelo » úte 14. kvě 2019 16:16:01

Is the stasis range exposed and if so can it be modified.

Currently wild dinos go into stasis when they're out of range. Unfortunately the view range for dinos and the stasis range are either the same or very close. This results in a rather jarring case of 'if I can't see it it doesn't exist'. This is very noticeable if you're on a tower watching the fauna, nothing ever appears at the edge of your vision unless it happens to spawn in. Anything beyond your view range just goes into hibernation.

I'd like to make it around 2x the view range. It will impact server performance but I can tweak things as needed.

References: ... -stase.htm
unlock Exemples.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
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