Patek Philippe Watch - Pearl Fritille dial

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Patek Philippe Watch - Pearl Fritille dial

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The natural mother-of-pearl is covered in the solid inner surface of some shellfish maintenance shells. The main ingredient is a thin layer of calcium carbonate layer. Because each natural fritillary has different gloss and texture, the works it produces are unique in this world. Through the manufacturing technology, its color can be ever-changing, showing white, pink, blue, black and other colors. Excellent oxidation resistance makes it durable and does not change color, and it is durable and mottled. The following ONLYLADY selects several women's Fake Patek Philippe Watch with mother-of-pearl dials.

The mother-of-pearl raw material decoration is filled with a gentle and temperament on the dial, and the color change also brings a romantic visual effect to the dream. Together, due to the unique color and texture of the Fritillaria, each Replica Swiss Watch made is unique. Therefore, the mother-of-pearl watch is popular among women consumers. The natural pearl fritillary is mysterious and rare, and it is the embodiment of dreams and perfection. Excellent quality and unusual personality, it is very suitable for the modern woman who seeks natural beauty in the city. It is a treasure that nature gives to us, and it will bring natural beauty to the days of the busy and busy days.
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