ithout too much sorrow, t

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ithout too much sorrow, t

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embark on the first trip to Shanghai. The subway in Shanghai is particularly crowded and makes people feel a little uncomfortable. It is a little different from my place. When I first set off, I knew that the subway line in Shanghai was a bit complicated, so I don��t think it��s strange. Finally, I arrived at the place I wanted to go. The result was that when I arrived, a lot of people were already waiting in line. I asked a person in front of the queue, and the result was that the other person was a very talkative person. After chatting with this person for a long time, I basically talked about everything Newport Cigarettes. I didn't think that I could talk to a living person, like this, and communicate in one place. Maybe because everyone doesn't have any companions, maybe because we like the same author. But no matter what, I feel very happy, after all, this is my, unexpected gain. We each completed their respective tasks, and we went to a restaurant to eat together. I was just thinking about finding a convenience store and just buying something to eat. I didn't expect it to be a dinner. The unfamiliar friend and I have a meal with me, chatting about the sky, even if we like to eat this topic, we are not bored at all, nor will we be embarrassed, as if we are friends we have known for a long time, forget each other. Like, but will not be blamed, because the people really friends. In this exchange, we actually found out that our next trip is the same destination. Probably because the place is really popular, or it may be the fate of God! We came to that place and looked at what we had been waiting for for a long time - the Ferris wheel. We were all very excited, thinking that we should be able to sit together with two people Marlboro Cigarettes, so that we wouldn't be embarrassed. I didn't expect the two people's cabins to be gone. We had a little bit of loss at first, but there was not much surprise. After all, if we don't meet each other, we will be in the same cabin as the stranger. We are prepared to do this, or we can meet each other until now. We are already grateful. We sat on the Ferris wheel with another person. However, it is not bad. Another person is not a shy person. When I saw the book in our hands, it turned out to be a book fan, so I chatted together happily Cigarettes Online. We are also particularly excited to talk about the contents of the book. At this moment, I am very grateful to this book, I am grateful today, and I am grateful to the two people who met for the first time. I think it is the same for three people. We are all afraid that one person can sit in the cabin of another stranger, without a word, instead of us, chatting and talking together, talking about books, telling their own opinions and exchanging opinions. After the Ferris wheel, we walked around the mall. We have a pleasant chat and say a variety of topics without any pressure. Finally go home together. Although the home is in a different direction, it is as close as possible to the subway. Finally, I have to be separated. Without too much sorrow, these two local people gave me the best route advice, so let me go home soon. I feel very warm and feel very happy. When I was separated from them and took out my mobile phone, I was a little embarrassed, but I like these two people. Just thinking about it, I didn��t even know their names. This is a strange trip, but I am still grateful. Thanks to my full expectation, I am grateful to this book and the author, I am grateful to the three of us for meeting, grateful for God's favor, grateful for today's existence, and grateful for an unknown future. What makes me so happy? I don't understand. Finally, on the train home, I admire the scenery outside, I feel happy, how can you tell me?
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