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YooForic CBD Gum This means that consumers with these variants will be less likely to break down THC. So its effects will last longer, although it can cause drowsiness. Although this effect is one of the searches of many users. DNA and cannabis use Taking into account the effectiveness of marijuana as a treatment option for a wide range of disorders and diseases, and the reliability of DNA to determine the probability of developing a particular disease for a given person, it should be understood that, taking into account the predisposition Genetics, users can better choose cannabis products to achieve the desired results. In the legal market, consumers have thousands of cannabis products and varieties to choose from. So they find many options with different proportions of cannabinoids and terpenes. The most important factors that determine the effects and healing properties of cannabis. The range of products and varieties, combined with the understanding of our own DNA, allows us to customize the selection of products by combining points of different test results. For example, many genes can predispose someone to the development of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Also, studies have shown that the terpene found in cannabis such as pinene has a neuroprotective effect that particularly supports memory. Therefore, cannabis users with such predispositions should choose cannabis products high in pinene. Similarly, users with a tendency to develop schizophrenia or psychotic episodes should use low THC and high CBD strains that provide antipsychotic effects . Similarly, people at high risk of cancer can use anti-THC products against it. The more countries begin to allow scientists to conduct research on cannabis, the more we will learn about the effectiveness of consumption at the individual level. For example, a new 2018 study revealed up to 35 genes that increase your chances of using cannabis by 11%.
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